flower planters with a pergola

flower planters with a pergola

A flower planters with a pergola consists of a pot connected to a pergola with a lattice, finished at the top with decorative steps.

Pots are a mandatory equipment of any garden and not only. The increasingly popular pergolas on balconies will thus diversify not only the balconies of residential blocks, but also townhouses. The proposed pergola with a flower planters, characterized by high quality finish makes it perfectly present also on the terraces and even indoors. The bottoms of the pots do not provide 100% tightness, so it is recommended to put a plastic tray or agrofiber on the bottom.

Pergola with a pot:

Pressure impregnated product-such impregnation protects the product from the harmful effects of insects, fungi and bacteria. Over time, under the influence of UV rays, the dye and impregnation fade (the product is still protected), but it is recommended for aesthetic reasons to renew the product with publicly available means for painting wood to any color that best suits your needs.

  • Wood type: Pine
  • Height: 44mm x 44mm
  • Pressure impregnation
  • Color: olive-green (depending on the humidity of the product, a color difference is possible)
  • Ground clearance ("mesh") with dimensions: 11cm x 11cm
  • Pot thickness: 44 mm
  • Posts size: 7cm x 7cm
  • Related keywords: wooden pergola pot, balcony pergolas, garden pergola pot

Please note that delivery of this product takes from 14-21 days

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